Preferred Health’s hospital network includes practically all the major private hospitals in the United Kingdom. It also includes many of UK’s top NHS hospitals Private Patient Units. Many of our network hospitals are world renowned facilities. Collectively Preferred Health provides a most comprehensive state-of-the-art care using current technology and one of the best trained and experienced specialists across the United Kingdom

Together they from a wide array of hospital systems. These include:
  • Centres of Excellence
  • Major teaching hospitals
  • General Hospitals
  • Community based private medical hospitals.
  • Transplant centres
  • Specialist centres
  • Cancer Clinics
  • Mental Health facilities

Specialist Doctors

As shared elsewhere, UK is regarded as the “Father of Modern Medicine.” No wonder their specialists are one of the most highly trained and experienced. Their medical schools, postgraduate training programmes, research centres and hospitals are ranked one of the best across the world. The average number of years in training before the doctor reaches a specialist status is up to three times as long compared to many other countries – including the USA.

With Preferred Health’s network our members routinely access their care with these very same specialists. Majority of these specialist’s also practice in UK’s National Health Service as well. There are well over a hundred different specialty/subspecialty doctors.

Imaging Centres

Preferred Health’s imaging centres provide a myriad of imaging services across the UK. Some of these include X-Rays, Ultrasounds, Echocardiograms, Vascular scans, Nuclear medicine scans, CT scan, MRI scans, PET scans and Pregnancy scans to name a few.