United Kingdom has been known as the “Father of Modern Medicine” for decades and continues to be the leader in healthcare services today where some of the highest standards of medicine and surgery is practiced.

Thousands of people from across the globe come to the United Kingdom every year to seek expert healthcare for their medical conditions. Most such patients have very little idea of the great complexity of the UK healthcare services. Navigating through this most complex system of healthcare is often daunting, stressful and ends up as a very expensive experience for the insurer and their members, let alone demoralising and potentially not getting the best treatment.

Such patients have very special set of needs that Preferred Health understands and makes great efforts to minimise it through a variety of measures from having a thorough understanding of the local healthcare services and systems, understanding the patient’s needs and making use of its nationwide network of healthcare providers.

Some of our services include:
  • Access to network specialists and hospitals
  • Direct billing
  • Repricing claims
  • Utilisation management
  • Second opinions
  • Case management
  • Claims management
  • Assistant services
  • Large claims settlement

Our goal is to make the care sought by our clients and their members as smooth and possible regardless of whether they are locally based or travelling from abroad a long way away from home. They would be able to access our network healthcare service providers, not worry about having to pay huge deposits or upfront medical costs up as we will also arrange for direct billing services.

We want the patient to just get better as quickly and safely return to home to their families and loved ones.

Our Client Profile

Our healthcare services are designed for an array of corporate and governmental healthcare payer agencies, boy local and international. Some of these include:
  • Insurance Companies
  • Re-insurers
  • Self-insured Corporations
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Third Party Administrators (TPA)
  • Assistance Companies
  • Travel Insurers
  • Healthcare Intermediaries
  • Government Agencies
  • Miscellaneous Healthcare Payers